Why Choose Hoelscher Music Studio?

Hoelscher Music Studio offers piano instruction to to any child, student, or adult who is looking for a comfortable environment to learn and grow in music. Hoelscher Music Studio offers competitive rates with a simple, consistent monthly tuition. Rather than the cold business feel you might experience with many larger music studios/schools, you will find that Hoelscher Music Studio has a more personal and comfortable feel while still offering incentive programs and performance opportunities throughout the year. Jen’s goal for her students is to develop well-rounded musicians by incorporating many aspects of music learning into lessons – not just the learning of pieces but also sight reading (teaching the students to be able to read the music on their own), music theory (the learning of musical terms and symbols, note names, and elements of rhythm), proper technique, musicianship, pattern playing and creative expression at the piano, music listening, and preparation for performances. Within this broader goal of developing well-rounded musicians, Jen provides a customized approach to each student, understanding that each person brings a different personality and learning style to lessons. Most of all, Hoelscher Music Studio wishes to bring the joy and magic of music to life!

 Check out our Lesson Options page for tuition rates, or click HERE for more information about our approach to teaching piano!

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